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Fact Sheet

MDEQ Approval of Interim Subslab Depressurization System

Interim Subslab Depressurization Proposal to Prevent Soil Gas Infiltration at Borg Warner Facility 2017.02.13

EnPro Fact Sheet 02.2017

EnPro Fact Sheet 02.2016

1990 Coltec Industries Order

Data summary for Samples SG001 SG024 February 24, 2016

Data summary for Samples SG001 SG024 August 16, 18 & 19, 2016

EnPro Propsed Remedial System Work Plan 12042015

EnPro Propsed VI Work Plan 11032015

Former Holley March 2015 1st Semiannual Sampling Report

Former Holley September 2015 2nd Semiannual Report

Soil Gas Sample Locations

EnPro Industries, Inc. Order 2016

North MS Herald: Latest MDEQ Testing Indicates No Health Threat
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