Technical Guidance

The following guidance documents and links are grouped by environmental media. Documents available for download are provided in either MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, or Word Perfect format.


Stack Testing Firms
Acid Rain Definitions and Notifications
AP-42 Emission Factors
Air Applicability Determination Index
Mississippi Air Emission Regulations 11 Miss. Admin. Code Pt. 2, Ch. 1
Title V Regulations for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills


Antidegradation Implementation Methodology
Planning and Design Manual for the Control of Erosion, Sediment, and Stormwater
No Exposure Certification Guidance Manual
Construction Guidance Manual
Wastewater Regulations (11 Miss. Admin. Code Pt. 6, Ch. 1.)
Regulations for Certified Operator (11 Miss. Admin. Code Pt. 6, Ch. 3.)
Wastewater Certification and Training
EPA Region 4 Water Management Division

Solid and Hazardous Waste

Acceptable Wastes for Class I and Class II Rubbish sites
Mining and Reclamation - Office of Geology
Solid Waste Management Branch
RCRA Online
Mississippi Non-hazardous Waste Management Regulations
Mississippi Code 17-17-17 (Prohibition of Unauthorized Dumping)
Mississippi Code 97-15-29 (Mississippi Litter Law)
Mississippi Code 97-15-30 (Mississippi Felony Dumping Law)
Lead Based Paint Waste Disposal Guidance
Medical Waste Fact Sheet
NESHAP - Asbestos Disposal Requirements


Agricultural Aviation Board of MS
Chemical Accident Prevention and Risk Management Planning
Code of Federal Regulations
Environmental Laboratories... To Come
MS Board of Animal Health
EPA Self-Evaluation Tools
EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
EPA TTN Web – Technology Transfer Network
National Response Center Webpage
EPA National Compliance Assistance Clearinghouse
Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)
"Profile of the Lumber and Wood Products Industry" (EPA 310-R-95-006)