Surface Mining Forms

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Applicant’s Checklist for a Surface Mining Permit
MRD-1 Organization Report
MRD-2 Notice of Exploration Activities
MRD-2A Notice of Exploration Activities (Less than 250 tons removed; no substantial disturbance)
MRD-3 Surface Mining Permit Application
MRD-4 Performance Bond
MRD-4A Safekeeping Receipt
Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit (Note: Must be printed on institution's letterhead.)
MRD-5 Certificate of Compliance
MRD-6 Application for Permit Renewal
MRD-7 Application for Transfer of Permit
MRD-8 Application for Bond Release
MRD-9 Notice of Exempt Operation
MRD-10 Notice of Grandfathered Operation
Mining Form Amendment
MRD-11 Application To Amend Surface Mining Permit Reclamation Plan
MRD-12 Certification of Legal Right To Mine