Emergency Services-Terrorism

Since September 11, 2001, Emergency Services has been involved in nearly weekly meetings, training, and
the planning of doing something related to terrorism. MDEQ had been working on a terrorism response with
the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency(MEMA) and other agencies since 1999. The agencies were
prepared but did not think anything would actually happen. After September 11, that group of agencies
developed into a completely new program with one goal in mind...to prevent such incidents where possible, and to
be able as a unified group to respond and put an end to the fallout, etc., from a terrorist act. In planning sessions all
across the state, five separate Regional Response Teams have been developed and five more will be created in the
near future, each with experts that can address the different challenges and problems a terrorist attack can present.
To learn more abut the Regional Response Teams and the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, click here.