Grants, Loans, and Trust Funds Available Through MDEQ

QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE for grants/loans managed by MDEQ and other agencies

MDEQ manages a variety of Grants that are available to entities

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Grants
Available to municipalities, counties, and multi-county agencies for one-day HHW collection events to assist them in:
    • collection and proper treatment, storage, and disposal of household hazardous wastes (household chemicals, old tires, paints, antifreeze, solvents),
    • transportation costs,
    • administration and dissemination of public information, and
    • other costs for a successful HHW program

Nonpoint Source Pollution Grants
Financial assistance is available to other state agencies, local governments, universities, and non-profit organizations to implement Nonpoint Source projects through the Clean Water Act's Section 319 Grant provisions.

Solid Waste Assistance Grants
Available to municipalities, counties, and multi-county agencies to assist in the:
    • clean up of illegal open dumps,
    • employment of local solid waste enforcement officers,
    • development of collection programs for discarded appliances and furniture,
    • development of local recycling programs, and
    • provision of public information services to the local community on solid waste management

Waste Tire Collection and Cleanup Grants
Assistance available to cities with a solid waste plan, counties, and regional solid waste authorities for:
    • collection sites
    • transportation costs
    • storage trailer units
    • contractual disposal costs
    • public education


MDEQ provides and administers wastewater loans:

Water Pollution Control (Clean Water) Revolving Fund Loan Program
Cities, towns, water/sewer districts, regional wastewater authorities, county boards of supervisors, or state agencies may receive low interest loans for water pollution control projects including wastewater treatment facilities, expand/upgrade existing facilities, stormwater pollution control projects, nonpoint source pollution projects, and estuary management projects.

Water Pollution Control Emergency Loan Fund Program
Cities, towns, county boards of supervisors, water/sewer districts, regional wastewater authorities, and state agencies may receive loans for emergency wastewater projects.

MDEQ manages trust fund money that is available to eligible groups or persons.

Mississippi Groundwater Protection Trust Fund
This fund may provide reimbursement for the clean up of a leaking underground storage tank site to the underground storage tank owner who is in substantial compliance with the underground storage tank regulations.

Nonhazardous Corrective Action Trust Fund
This fund may be used for emergency actions, preventative/corrective actions for actual or potential contaminant release, and for monitoring and post-closure at eligible closed landfill sites by the landfill owner.

Waste Tire Abatement Fund
This fund may be used by the MDEQ to clean up sites where waste tires have been illegally dumped or where tires have been placed prior to 1992.