Education/Public Outreach

Cleaning up and preventing polluted runoff in a watershed involves extensive education of the public, students, land managers, road builders, entire communities, politicians - everyone.
Nonpoint Source Pollution Problems and Solutions Brochure

MDEQ's NPS education efforts include:

Green Infrastructure Training - Outreach and training materials including Powerpoint presentations, workshops templates, case studies other resources, publications links and much more. Click HERE for more information.

Environmental Education Mobile Classroom - The Environmental Education Mobile Classroom is an outreach program that is supported by MDEQ’s NPS Program and aligns with National Science Education Standards for grades three through six. Performances are enjoyed not only by school groups, but also by adults attending teacher workshops, civic clubs, and conferences. This program serves to inform, excite, and enlist the help of citizens in an on-going effort to promote water quality within their priority watershed communities.

Reigning Over Runoff
Clean Water is Everybody’s Business!

This film is a production of the Natural Resources Initiative of Mississippi and has received funding from the agencies listed below. By using superb footage of select streams, rivers, wildflowers, and more, this short film focuses in a compelling way on a few practices that homeowners and communities can use to help promote clean water.

This educational film is designed for showings in civic clubs, garden clubs, public meetings, school classrooms, teacher workshops and much more. Visit for additional information and links on topics covered in the film. Click HERE for video link.

Adopt-A-Stream Program - Adopt-A-Stream is a program that promotes environmental stewardship through training workshops, outdoor field activities and by introducing participants to watershed action projects. Adopt-A-Stream is a cooperative effort between MDEQ and the Mississippi Wildlife Federation. For more information click here.

Community Growth Rediness - is an education program that makes the link, at a local level, between land use and water quality using geographic information systems (GIS) technology.

Teacher Education is an important component of the NPS pollution education program and many lesson plan packages are available for different grades. More...

Enviroscape and Groundwater Model Distribution - In order to increase polluted runoff awareness in students and adults throughout Mississippi, MDEQ has been distributing water models to environmental educators. Models have been placed with most county MSU Extension Service offices and district MS Department of Health offices. The Choctaw Indian Reservation and others have also received some models. Direct requests for presentations for school and community groups to someone in your area. Full List

Storm Drain Marking Program - These projects involve both marking storm drains with an anti-polluting message and a door-to-door public awareness campaign in the vicinity of the marked storm drains. This is a great Saturday project for school groups and volunteers.

The Backyard Conservation Literature Campaign and Demonstration Projects - Backyard Conservation literature and Backyard Wildlife Habitat literature will be distributed in all Mississippi Counties by the year 2008. This literature contains information on how to reduce pesticide usage, attract wildlife to your own yard, make a water garden that doubles as a retention basin and other conservation strategies. Demonstration projects began in 2000 and will continue until 2015.

Public Service Announcements for radio and television are aired to publicize programs and upcoming workshops and to present water quality messages.
The Nonpoint Source section is pleased to offer an online movie presentation of The Bee Lake Watershed Success Story

Literature Distribution - The Nonpoint Source Pollution Education Program also writes and distributes literature at various events throughout the state. Click Publications/Literature to see the documents available.

A Recent addition to our online publications is the popular Field Manual For Erosion And Sediment Control On Construction Sites in Mississippi (2nd Edition). The manual may be downloaded free of change by clicking the blue Field Manual link or icon.

Hardcopies of the Field Manual For Erosion and Sediment Control On Construction Sites in Mississippi (2nd Edition) may be purchased by submitting the following Order Form.

This page includes GAMES & ACTIVITIES along with other fun and interesting information about Nonpoint Source Pollution.