Section 319 Funding

The Nonpoint Source Management Program is dedicated to protecting and restoring Mississippi's water resources. The Program supports a wide variety of nonpoint source (NPS) or polluted runoff technical assistance, environmental education and training, technology transfer, demonstration and monitoring projects, and wetland restoration.

The Nonpoint Source Program provides financial assistance to other state agencies, local governments, universities, and non-profit organizations to implement these NPS projects through the Clean Water Act's Section 319 Grant. The NPS Program receives approximately 4.5 million dollars per grant year and all projects must supply a 60:40 (319:project) dollar match.

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If you have any polluted runoff water quality issues for consideration for 319 project funding, contact your Basin Team Coordinator to discuss eligibility.
See Basin Map and list of Coordinators
Priorities for funding Section 319 projects are tied to the five-year cycle implemented in the State’s rotating Basin Approach to water quality management.

Funding Alternatives
Due to the State's limited funding resources, we are not always able to fund every NPS project. For those interested in developing and implementing a polluted runoff control project or any other type of environmental project, here are a few alternative funding sites to check out.