Surface Mining

Surface mining can generate significant polluted runoff at any phase of operation.

Call the MDEQ, Office of Geology at
(601) 961-5515 for more information
on mining in the State.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Geology has primary regulatory responsibility over mining operations within the state.

Surface mining impacts include:

  • hydrologic modification
  • erosion and sedimentation
  • water quality deterioration
  • fish and wildlife disturbances
  • public nuisances

Dredging operations, in flowing streams, can change the stream's characteristics by increasing its ability to carry water. This increase in capacity may lead to lowering the local groundwater levels or increased drainage from local wetland systems as well as stream channel erosion. While dredging in streams is allowed, a permit must now be obtained from the Mississippi Environmental Quality Permit Board before beginning. Stream diversion, a practice often necessary in recovering materials, can have significant impacts on both water quality and quantity at downstream locations.