UST Requirements

Compliance Inspections
Record Keeping
Purchase UST System From Existing Tank Owner

Periodically inspectors from the Underground Storage Tank Branch will send you a letter to let you know that your facility will be inspected on a certain day and time. On the day of the inspection, you should have the following items ready:

1. Installation records for any tank system installed after 12/22/88

      • Installer's name
      • Documentation of new or recertified tanks
      • Precision tank and piping test documentation
      • deflection tests for fiberglass tanks
      • any installation checklist documents

2. Have your leak detection records for the type of leak detection that you have on your UST system available for review
      • Monitoring well records
      • Automatic tank gauging records
      • Daily and Monthly Inventory Reports and last tank tightness test results
      • Statistical inventory reconciliation reports
      • Interstice inspection records
      • Manual record keeping forms
      • Annual automatic line leak detector test results
      • Line tightness test results

3. Any repair or upgrade records
      • Documentation of installation of spill and overfill prevention
      • Documentation of installation of cathodic protection
      • Documentation that upgraded components were sound when brought up to required standards

4. A copy of a Notification of Underground Storage Tank(s) form

5. Have your corrosion protection (if applicable) tests and checks available

6. Make accessible cathodic protection test points

7. Have keys to

      • your dispensers
      • submersible pump manways
      • overfill device
      • monitoring wells

8. Remove soils from
      • overfill devices (if applicable)
      • monitoring well covers
      • submersible pump housing

As a tank owner you are required to keep the following records:

Repairs/Upgrade Records

      • Any repairs or upgrades of tank or piping
      • Any repairs to your leak detection system(s)
      • Any repairs to your corrosion protection system
      • Any repairs to your spill prevention system
      • Any repairs to your overfill prevention system
Closure Records

      • Copies of MDEQ closure reports
      • Copies of analytical results of samples, and
      • Copies of chain-of-custody reports for samples
      • Copies of manifests for the disposal of any contaminated soil, water, or tank sludge

Leak Detection Records

      • Tanks
      • Piping

Corrosion Protection Records

      • Impressed Current System - Keep results of last three inspections of the system to ensure that it is working properly and of the last two tests conducted by a qualified cathodic protection tester.
      • Sacrificial Anodes - Keep records of the last two tests conducted by a qualified cathodic protection tester.

UST System Installation Records (For tanks installed after 12/22/88)

      • Installer's name
      • Documentation of new or recertified tanks
      • Precision tank and piping test documentation
      • deflection tests for fiberglass tanks
      • any installation checklist documents

If you plan to install a new underground storage tank (UST) system, there are several things to do.

  • You should notify the MDEQ 30 days in advance of the planned installation date of the new UST system by completing a Notice of Upcoming Installation of Underground Storage Tanks form.

  • You must use a contractor who has certification from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to install USTs. For a list of companies who have certified workers, click here.

  • Within 30 days of bringing the new UST system in to use, you must submit a completed Notification for Underground Storage Tanks NEW form to MDEQ. The owner's and certified installer's signatures are required on this form.

  • You must pay the annual tank fees. Once you submit the Notification for Underground Storage Tanks form, you will be assessed a $100 per tank fee on the newly installed tanks.

If you purchase an existing underground storage tank (UST) system, you must:

If you upgrade a UST system, you must notify the MDEQ. The following are some possible upgrade scenarios:

  • If you plan to replace the old piping with new piping or an exiting tank with a new tank, you must follow closure procedures for the tank and piping (See Closure Guidance Document). Then you must follow installation procedures for the new piping and tank installation.

  • If you change your leak detection method like from monitoring wells to automatic tank gauging, just indicate the changes on a Notification for Underground Storage Tank form and submit it to this office.

To begin the permanent closure process you must do the following:

After you have submitted the Underground Storage Tank Closure Report and all supporting documentation, you will be notified in writing by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality if any further action will be necessary due to possible contamination. If you have a question regarding the underground storage tank permanent closure requirements please contact Donna Phillips.

UST systems that meet the corrosion protection requirements may remain temporarily out of service indefinitely provided the corrosion protection system is maintained. Click here to view a Temporary Closure of Underground Storage Tank Systems guidance document.

Other Permanent Closure Documents

NOTE: (All forms are in Adobe Reader format. If you do not have a copy of the Adobe Reader software, you may click here to download a free copy.)