Technical Guidance

The following guidance documents and links are grouped by permit type. Documents available for downloading are provided in Adobe Acrobat .

EPA's Stationary Internal Combustion Engine Guidance
Air Applicability Determination Index
Acid Rain Definitions and Notifications
PSD Source Categories
AP-42 Emission Factors
Proposed MACT Standards
Final MACT Standards
Emergency Generator Definition
EPA memorandum related to HAPs for combustion turbines
Combustion Turbine BACT List
OAQPS Control Cost Manual
SCC "Access Database"
SCC Codes
Technology Transfer Network
Clearinghouse for Inventories & Emissions Factors

Mini-Guide to Water Permitting
Construction Guidance Manual
Industrial Activities Requiring NPDES Permit Coverage for Storm Water
Industrial Guidance Manual
MDOT Phase II Storm Water Guidance ManualDraft
MS4 Phase II Storm Water Guidance Manual
Municipal Phase II Stormwater Info (powerpoint file)
No Exposure Certification Guidance Manual
Stream Flow Data from USGS
WPC-1 Antidegradation Implementation Methodology

Solid and Hazardous WasteMultimedia
Mini-Guide to Hazardous Waste Permitting
Mini-Guide to Solid Waste Permitting
Guidance to Modifying a Local Solid Waste Management Plan
Acceptable Wastes for Class I and Class II Rubbish Sites
Mining and Reclamation-Office of Geology
Solid Waste Policy, Planning, and Grants Branch
Asphalt General Permit Fact Sheet
Agricultural Aviation Board of MS
Chemical Accident Prevention and Risk Management Planning
Code of Federal Regulations
Design Guidelines for Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems
Environmental Laboratories
Map Sales - Office of Geology
MS Board of Animal Health
Secretary of State's Website