General Permits

A General Permit authorizes a category of discharge or emission within a geographical area. A general permit is not specifically tailored for an individual facility or project. Each of the bold headings below, under Types of General Permit, indicate that a General Permit is available or under construction for that particular activity. A PDF copy of each type of General Permit is available by clicking the headings.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality proposes to reissue the statewide Multimedia Hot Mix Asphalt Facility General Permit (MSR70). This permit covers discharges of storm water and the construction and operation of air emissions equipment from hot mix asphalt facilities that fall under the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC code of 2951). This general permit will replace the previous general permit that expired October 31, 2014. The Multimedia Hot Mix Asphalt Facility General Permit Public Notice can be accessed HERE. The Draft Permit can be viewed HERE. A list summarizing the significant changes from the previous permit can be found HERE.

The Permit Board on Environmental Quality reissued the statewide Multimedia Ready-Mix Concrete Facility General Permit (MSG11) on April 1, 2014. This permit authorizes the discharge of process wastewater and storm water run-off into waters of the State and the construction and operation of air emissions equipment from Ready-Mix concrete facilities in accordance with the provisions of the Mississippi Air and Water Pollution Control Law. This reissuance will allow the continued operation of Ready-Mix Concrete facilities for an additional five-year period. Coverage recipients wishing to be covered under the reissued general permit must submit a Re-coverage Form within 30-days of the date of the Letter of Instruction. The Ready-Mix Concrete General Permit can be accessed HERE. Affected Ready-Mix Concrete facilities seeking initial coverage may do so by submitting the appropriate documents found in the Ready-Mix Concrete General Permit Forms Package

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Types of General Permits and Notice of Intent Forms

Storm Water General Permits
(no other media included)

Baseline (Industrial) Storm Water
The reissuance process for this General Permit is underway. Current Coverage holders will receive notification and instruction by September 2015. Please DO NOT submit recoverage forms at this time.

Construction Storm Water
Large Construction (5 acres and greater)
Small Construction (1 to less than 5 acres)
MS4 (Municipal) Phase II Storm Water
(Contact Bradley Crain 601-961-5177)
Multimedia and Multipurpose General Permits
(storm water, process water, air emissions, etc.)

Hot Mix Asphalt
Hydrostatic Test
(Contact Bryan Collins 601-961-5239)
(Contact Billy Warden 601-961-5047)
Ready-Mix Concrete
Wet Deck Log Spray
(Contact Scott Hodges 601-961-5672)
Agricultural General Permits
(Contact Tracy Tomkins 601-961-5622)

Pesticide General Permit

Dry Litter Poultry Animal Feeding Operation (AFO)
Multimedia Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)
Solid Waste General Permits
(Contact Billy Warden 601-961-5169)

Land Disposal
New facilities will be covered under the Baseline (Industrial) Storm Water General Permit

Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station

Class I
Class II
Solid Waste Management Storm Water
  • General Permit (Under Construction)
  • Notice of Intent (NOI) Form (Under Construction)
  • Re-Coverage Form

Vegative Debris and Untreated Wood Waste Composting
Process Water General Permits
(Contact Dallas Baker 601-961-5670)

Underground Storage Tank Remediation
City of Jackson

Other Forms
Request for Transfer of Permit, General Permit Coverage and/or Name Change

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    Physical Address

      PO Box 2261
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