April 21, 2016
Contact: Robbie Wilbur

MDEQ Recognizes 2016 enHance Members

(JACKSON, Miss.) -- The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Thursday accepted three new members and eight renewal memberships into its enHance program for the 2016 class. The recognition was part of the annual workshop and awards luncheon held in Jackson.

enHance is a voluntary stewardship program begun in 2009 that recognizes committed environmental leaders who accomplish goals beyond their legal requirements. enHance is open to facilities, cities, counties, and other entities who are interested in the program, and applicants can choose from three tiers: Associate, Steward, or Leader. A pilot designation of Environmental Star for nonregulated facilities has launched in 2016.

“It is an honor to recognize these companies that are actively striving to reduce their wastes, reduce their environmental impacts, and improve the quality of life in their communities. Their vision and leadership is to be commended, as their efforts will result in both immediate and long-term benefits for the residents of our state,” said Gary Rikard, MDEQ Executive Director.

New members for 2016:


PACCAR (Columbus)


Keith Huber Corporation (Gulfport)

Environmental Star

Watkins and Eager PLLC (Jackson)

Renewing members for 2016:


Hol-Mac Corporation, Plants 1, 2, and 3 (Bay Springs)

Anel Corporation (Winona)


Haworth, Inc. (Bruce)

Southwire Company, LLC (Starkville)


Airbus Helicopters (Columbus)

Natchez Water Works

Details on the projects submitted by the members as part of the application process follow the first page of this release.

There are currently 38 members in the enHance program. Members include private companies, federal government facilities, and local governments. Membership is voluntary, and applications for membership may be submitted each year from July 1 through September 30.

More information about the program is available at

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2016 enHance Members


Three Renewing members – Hol-Mac Corporation, Plants 1, 2, and 3, Bay Springs
All of the plants have reduced energy usage through air compressor operating improvements such as leak repair, regularly scheduled maintenance, and turning off equipment.

Plant 1 reduced consumption of paint consumables through portion control of paint and solvents and reduced landfilled waste by six percent (5.55 tons per year).

Plant 2 installed a new more efficient five-stage washer and installed a new paint line which is more efficient to the point that no longer has to run it for three shifts. Both projects resulted in 10 percent reduction of electricity usage and 15 percent reduction in water usage.

Community service projects include joining Adopt-a-Highway. Plants 1 and 2 will provide a team each quarter to clean up litter on Highway 15.

Plant 3 has implemented a Bumper oven time reduction project and a machine coolant usage reduction, both resulting in a 24 percent reduction in oven time and a 10 percent reduction in coolant usage. Plant 3 served as a program mentor to assist Keith Huber in joining the enHance program.

Renewing member – Anel Corporation, Winona
Anel fabricates steel products, used primarily for the mining truck industry. With 110 employees, the company is ISO14001 certified. Their projects include solvent reclaim and hazardous waste reduction and more energy efficient paint heaters resulting in a 58 percent reduction in solvent usage and 50 percent reduction in kwh/month of the paint curing infrared heaters. The company helped host a household hazardous waste collection event to collect used oil.


Renewing member – Haworth, Inc., Bruce
As part of their corporate sustainability efforts, Haworth in Bruce has achieved Zero Landfilled Waste. Waste materials are sorted and collected for recycling. They have implemented Cans for Calhoun County--reducing the amount of cans going into their waste, and donating the recycling revenues to Calhoun Cares, the Calhoun County School District, and Dog Lovers Rescue.

New member – PACCAR Engine Company, Columbus
With 500 employees it maintains an Environmental Management System to improve its environmental management and, ultimately, to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, activities, products, and services. Two of their projects include scrap metal reduction and reusable packaging implementation with the results of a 34 percent reduction in scrap metal per engine manufactured and a five percent reduction of wood waste from packaging.

Renewing member - Southwire Company, Starkville
The company’s Going Green Committee’s two projects include a process water vertical bar screen and air compressor energy conservation. The screen removes large solids from process water as it returns to the pretreatment sump. This reduces wear on impellers and the pump. Improving the efficiency of the sand filter reduces the frequency of required back-washes thus reducing by 39 percent the amount of groundwater from the City of Starkville. The second project used a compressed air system audit to identify needed equipment changes and additions to improve air distribution and demand as well as reliability. The project equipment included a 200 HP variable capacity compressor, new dryer, new receiver, and installation. This result was a 25 percent reduction of Kwh/yr usage.


Renewing member - Airbus Helicopters Inc., Columbus
They have adopted an ISO 14001 compliant Environmental Management System and are implementing an Alodine waste treatment and High Bay LED replacement in hanger and manufacturing areas. This resulted in reduced electrical usage site wide by 10.4 percent (419,2688 KWH) and reduced greenhouse gas emissions at the electric power plant by 289 metric tons/year.

Renewing member – Natchez Water Works, Natchez
Natchez Water Works is aggressively pursuing opportunities in the wastewater treatment arena. They installed a new 500kw backup generator to operate the wastewater treatment plant during times of power outage, thus preventing overflow of untreated wastewater from the plant.

New member – Keith Huber Corporation, Gulfport
The facility working with their new owners and mentor, Hol-Mac Corporation, implemented a weld flux recycle program reducing the potential landfill disposal of 1938 pounds/year and used rain water to replace evaporated and residual loss water used in a hydro test procedure. It’s projected to reduce water usage by 420 gallons per year.


Watkins & Eager PLLC, Jackson
Watkins & Eager is a full-service, diversified law firm with 116 employees. As
part of their enHance application process they helped MDEQ to draft the
requirements for the new Environmental Star tier. For their other project, Watkins & Eager held a contest to promote an electronic
filing system--offering a cash payment for each matter closed and added to the
new e-file system. The firm paid $5 for every box of stored paper files that could
be destroyed and offered Visa gift cards to the top three staff members who closed
the most matters and/or destroyed the most boxes. All paper files were scanned,
shredded and recycled as pulp wood. The firm has continued to encourage
conversion to e-filing with 852 bankers boxes of files shredded and recycled
about 19,170 pounds of paper.