The Office of Land and Water Resources (OLWR) is charged with conserving, managing, and protecting the water resources of Mississippi. The agency regulates water quantity issues affecting the beneficial use of these resources in the best interest and welfare of the citizens of the state.

The assigned responsibilities of the Office include:

  • issuing permits for groundwater withdrawal and surface water diversion and impoundment in the state,
  • licensing and regulating water well contractors/drillers,
  • conducting technical investigations of the water resources in the state,
  • monitoring water use,
  • maintaining water-related information in computer databases,
  • publishing various reports and maps,
  • monitoring dam safety in the state,
  • developing regional groundwater-flow models,
  • measuring water-level changes in the state's major aquifers,
  • monitoring stream flows throughout Mississippi, and
  • providing technical assistance to the public, various stakeholders, and other governmental entities on various water-related issues.
  • future responsibilities include the development of a statewide water plan to address the proper management and protection of Mississippi's valuable water resources.

Work Areas

Water Resources Management Division

Dam Safety Division
Conducts investigations and evaluations of the available surface water and ground water resources throughout the state.Ensure safety of dams in state.

Source Water Assessment Branch
Identifies public water systems that may be susceptible to contamination and to adopt appropriate management measures that will enhance their protection.

Well Drillers
License and regulate water well drillers
Permitting and Monitoring
Permit withdrawal and diversion of water resources. Collects and disseminate freshwater withdrawals in the state.
Delta Metering Program
Metering program for MRVA agricultural wells

Environmental Regulations Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing Activities
MDEQ Fact Sheet

Regulations, Applications, and Forms
State water regulations, permit applications, and various forms in MS Word and Adobe PDF format

Technical Assistance

    Frequently Asked Questions and Guidance
    Publications and Current Research
    Available OLWR publications and brief descriptions of current water investigations

    Contact Information

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Street AddressMailing Address
700 North State St.
Jackson, MS 39202
Office of Land and Water Resources:
P. O. Box 2309
Jackson, MS 39225
Fax Number
(601) 961-5228