Assistance Available Through MDEQ

MDEQ offers assistance to individuals and groups in a variety of ways. Below are specific areas where MDEQ reaches out to the public.

"Environmental Assistance - A Priority"


Basin Management
Protecting and preserving our state's rivers and streams through local partnerships. For assistance in forming a team to address water quality in your area contact (601) 961-5144.

MDEQ takes all environmental complaints seriously. To submit an environmental complaint, contact (601) 961-5171. Be ready to provide information on the nature of the complaint, location and driving directions to the site.

Compliance Assistance Programs
Targeted assistance available through MDEQ programs

Report spills to the 24-hour State Warning Point at the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (601) 352-9100 or (800) 222-6362

Employment with MDEQ

Fish Advisories
List of statewide waters with fish consumption advisories

Freedom of Information Act Requests
To request access to public records maintained by MDEQ, contact Freedom of Information Officer at 601-961-5171.

The use, handling, and disposal of Freon and other ozone layer depleting compounds are governed by the U.S. EPA. Visit our Freon/ Chlorofluorocarbon/ Ozone Depleting Compounds web page for information regarding the federal requirements.

General Information Requests
Assistance with questions that need answers
Contact (601) 961-5171

Hazardous Air Pollutants
MDEQ protects against toxic air pollutants through the implementation of emissions standards for listed hazardous air pollutants. For more information, visit out
Hazardous Air Pollutant web page.

Indoor Air Quality
MDEQ's Indoor Air Quality page provides information and links to agencies (state and federal) that have jurisdiction for indoor air issues.


MDEQ's Indoor Air Quality page provides information and direct links to state and federal agencies with that purview.

Oil Spills
Report spills to the 24-hour State Warning Point at the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (601) 352-9100 or (800) 222-6362

Serves as an advocate for small businesses on regulatory issues and aids in investigating and resolving complaints and disputes between small businesses and MDEQ.
Contact (800) 725-6112

Onsite Assistance
Free, voluntary, and confidential on-site regulatory, compliance, permitting, and pollution prevention assistance.
Contact (800) 725-6112
Assistance is a priority at MDEQ.

Polluted Run-off
Assistance in the use of best management practices to reduce/prevent pollution caused by water run-off

Pollution Prevention
Reduce your waste both hazardous and non-hazardous, meet state pollution prevention planning and reporting requirements. For assistance, contact (601) 961-5284

Radon falls under the purview of the Mississippi Department for Health (601) 987-6853. Indoor Radon FAQ provides a direct link to Health Department information.


Small Business Assistance
Available to businesses with 100 or less employees. For assistance contact:
(800) 725-6112 or (601) 961-5649.

Storm Water General Permits
Information regarding the storm water process including a number of resource tools for completion.

Underground Storage Tanks (UST)
  • Compliance Assistance Program: A voluntary program whereby UST owners may sign up for site specific reminder letters from MDEQ to remind them when to perform regulatory duties
  • Workshop: Helps UST owners learn more about UST regulations
  • On-site Inspection: Upon request inspectors from the UST Branch will meet with the UST owner at the UST facility and go over compliance issues

Assist property owners and developers in obtaining water quality certifications required for projects impacting wetlands.

Wastewater Treatment
On-site technical assistance for municipal and domestic wastewater facilities.