Acid Rain

The Acid Rain Program operates in conjunction with EPA to reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from electric power generating sources.

Activities include:

Phase II Acid Rain Permit application processing
Monitoring plan review, and
Affected facility inspections and compliance audits.



Acid Rain Program Permit Regulations For Purposes Of Title IV Of The Federal Clean Air Act - APC-S-7


Permit - 40 CFR Part 72
Sulfur Dioxide Allowance System - 40 CFR Part 73
Continuous Emission Monitoring - 40 CFR Part 75
Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) Emission Reduction Program 40 CFR Part 76
Consolidated Versions of Parts 72 and 75

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To contact MDEQ staff for more information on Acid Rain:
Montie Hardaway or Deanna Rush.