Branches & SIC

Each branch of the Environmental Compliance & Enforcement Division (ECED) is responsible for determining and ensuring compliance with applicable air, water, hazardous waste, and non-hazardous waste permits and regulations. The specific group of facility types handled by each branch is based on the different Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes.

SIC Branch Redirect
The ECED branch names below indicate the particular grouping of facility types handled within that branch of ECED. You may click any of the links below to go directly to the webpage for each Branch. If you know the SIC code for your facility’s activities, you may enter it in the window below and you will be automatically redirected to the webpage for the Branch of ECED that handles compliance and enforcement activities for your SIC code.

If you are not sure what SIC code applies, a complete listing of SIC codes can be found by clicking SIC Search.