Surface Water Division

The Office of Land and Water Resources’ Surface Water Division consists of a Dam Safety Branch and a Surface Water Branch. Click here for the functions of the Dam Safety Branch.

The Surface Water Branch conducts investigations and evaluations of the available surface water resources throughout the state. These resources include lakes and streams of various size and flow. The following list includes some of the activities with which staff personnel are currently involved:

  • Assists in maintaining the surface water monitoring (gauge) network in the state as part of a cooperative agreement with the United States Geological Survey (USGS). These monitoring sites provide a continuous record of flow and stage for each site that can be accessed through the USGS web site.
  • Assists the Office of Pollution Control with ambient monitoring of stream conditions and TMDL assessments by maintaining flow-rating curves for water quality sampling sites.
  • Conducts special studies of streams to investigate specific conditions such as groundwater/surface water interaction and minimum flow requirements.
  • Maintains the list of designated Public Waterways in the state and updates the corresponding map and documentation as needed.

Mississippi statutes require that diversion of water from surface water bodies in the state cease when minimum stream flows or minimum lake levels are reached for a given site on a stream or lake. These conditions routinely occur during late summer or early fall; however, they also can occur during other seasons of the year when rainfall accumulations are appreciatively below normal. As minimum flows or levels are approached, staff personnel closely monitor streamflow conditions, with field measurements, and advise the Commission when conditions require the issuance of cease pumping orders.


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