Best Management Practices For Agriculture

Agricultural activities occur throughout Mississippi.

Agricultural activities without BMP's generate pollutants like

  • sediment
  • excessive nutrients
  • pathogens
  • pesticides

The use of BMP's in agricultural activities has reduced the amount of pollutants that make their way into state waters.

Runoff pollution from agricultural sources falls into one of EPA's major agricultural categories:

  • cropland erosion
  • excessive nutrients and pathogens in runoff from livestock facilities
  • excessive nutrients in runoff from fertilized cropland
  • pesticides in runoff from cropland
  • erosion caused by improper grazing management
  • pollutants in irrigation runoff from irrigated cropland

Many agencies in Mississippi cooperate to reduce polluted runoff from agriculture in our state. More...

Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission offers the following publications
  • Agricultural Best Management Practices For Water Quality in Mississippi
  • Agricultural Best Management Practices For Mississippi
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