Education Workshops

Project Earth Environmental Education Workshops
Since 1992, MDEQ NPS staff have supported and coordinated Project Earth Environmental Education Workshops for teachers. These workshops usually last one full week and emphasize water quality, polluted runoff, wetlands, wildlife, and forestry. Interactive lesson plans and field trips add a hands-on dimension. MDEQ NPS staff also assist with teacher workshops sponsored by other agencies or universities by providing water model demonstrations, field trips, lesson plan packages and/or implementing lesson plans with the teachers.

Lesson Plans
Oh Give Me a Home for K - 6th grades and The Unclear Future of Clear Creek for grades 7 - 12 are lesson plans and activity books for classroom use. These are distributed at teacher workshops and at Adopt-A-Stream workshops, along with The Water Source Book and The Wonders of Wetlands. These last two books recently were distributed to 250 different public libraries in Mississippi through the Mississippi Library Commission.

Watershed Resources
Lesson Plans for Teachers

Available Watershed Resources