The Office of Administrative Services provides the following services for the Department's program offices:

  • accounting
  • budgeting
  • human resources
  • payroll
  • purchasing
  • grants administration
  • management information systems
  • buildings and property management and inventory, and
  • printing services

The purpose of the Office of Administrative Services is twofold: Service and Compliance. The statutory functions provide the Department's program staff with support services while at the same time ensuring compliance with all applicable state laws and directives.

Work Areas

This division provides budgeting and grants accounting for the Department.

Business Services
This division handles all payment voucher processing, warrant distribution, payroll processing and detail, employee travel requests and taxable meals reimbursements, applications for receipt warrants, fees collection, and accounts receivable maintenance.

Purchasing and Contracting
This division provides the following services:
  • invoice tracking, processing and follow-up of invoices for the agency;
  • issuance of invitation for bids/request for proposals and request for quotes;
  • drafting of contracts and nonfederal grant awards including modifications and amendments in accordance with federal and state laws, regulations and procedures; and
  • review and processing of purchase requisitions to ensure state rules and regulations are followed regarding the procurement of commodities, equipment and services for the agency.

Building Management & Property Control
This division provides and maintains current computerized management of all Department property inventory, ongoing physical and personnel security, maintenance and janitorial services for all buildings, voice communication services, printing facility services, reception/switchboard services, mail/parcel and internal distribution services, motor pool reservation functions, fleet maintenance services, and fleet fuel acquisition services for the Department.

Human Resources, Training, & Library
This division provides personnel services, and training for all Department employees.

Information Technology Division
This division provides computerized accounting, payroll, personnel and system maintenance functions, systems analysis, application development, procurement services, as well as provide hardware and software support for Department staff. The Information Technology Division provides management and support for the agency's enterprise applications (internet, email, lotus notes, etc), software, hardware and network. In addition, Management of Information Technology Division is responsible for agency guidance related to technology vision and direction. The agency's major business systems are on Oracle database architecture; Sun servers, Microsoft products, and Novell. There are a number of applications processing on several servers all connected via a Fiber-optic backbone network. Agency remote locations have access to these applications via the Mississippi Statewide Backbone communications network as do other governmental entities.

Office of Administrative Services

Budgeting Division

Buildings and Property Management

Human Resources Division

Accounting Division

Purchasing Division

Information Technology Division

Contact Information

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Street Address:
700 North State St.
Jackson, MS 39202
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Receptionist, (601) 961-5048

Office of Administrative Services:
P. O. Box 2249
Jackson, MS 39225
Submitting Checks or Money Orders
P. O. Box 2339
Jackson, MS 39225

Submitting Invoices
P.O.Box 2369
Jackson, MS 39225
invoices @deq.state.ms.us