Kids' Stuff

    Welcome to Kids' Stuff, the Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Program's web page for kids. There are numerous links below that can be explored. These links are designed to teach the importance of waste reduction, recycling, composting and a host of other information. This site is a fun and exciting way to learn about solid waste, recycling, and our environment!

    Well what are we waiting on? Let's get started!!

    Recycle Guys - This is a website developed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Environment. It showcases the Recycle Guys which are animated characters promoting recycling in North Carolina and now across the southeast.

    Envirofun - This is a site that was developed by the Illinois Department of Environmental Quality. Kids are educated about the air, land and water by several characters.

    U.S. EPA Environmental Education - This is a web site designed specifically for K-12 students and educators. The site presents games, videos and lessons on environmental themes.

    Kids Cave - This site was developed by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. The interactive website helps answer questions kids have on recycling and other environmental issues.

    Kids Page - This interactive website was designed by the Washington Department of Ecology to teach kids about the importance of waste reduction, recycling and solid waste management (or how to take care of garbage).

    NAPCOR Kids Page - This website, designed by the National Association of Plastic Container Manufacturers, teaches kids about PET plastic and what kids can do to help ensure more PET containers get recycled in communities.

    Recycle City - This website was developed by the U.S. EPA and features games, activities, facts and graphics .

    Roscoe Recycles - The Steel Recycling Institute developed this interactive website for kids to learn about steel recycling.

    These links are provided as a public service to visitors of this website and are not endorsed by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. If you have a kid-appropriate recycling link that you would like us to consider adding to this page, please email us HERE.