Mississippi Task Force on Recycling - Recycling Business Survey

Mississippi Task Force on Recycling
Recycling Business Survey

The recycling industry is an important part of Mississippi’s economy and is important to the future growth of our state’s economy. The Mississippi Legislature has recognized the importance of recycling businesses and has asked the State Task Force on Recycling to conduct an assessment of the recycling industry in the state. We are asking for your help in completing the survey at the link below to describe the impacts and the benefits that the recycling industry has to our state’s economy. Your input on this survey is very important to the success of future plans to grow Mississippi’s recycling industry. In addition, your response may encourage future financial incentives for recycling businesses. Please take a moment and answer the survey questions and complete the table with the best available information or estimates that you have. Where necessary please feel free to provide additional response by email to any survey questions. A hard copy of this survey has been mailed with self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for return of the survey by mail. If you have not received a hard copy of the survey but would prefer to complete the survey in that format, please contact Mark Williams at 601-961-5304.

Your individual answers will be kept strictly confidential and the information you report will be presented as collective data. A copy of the final summary report will be provided to all survey participants who do provide their contact information. In addition, persons who complete the survey will have their company contact information included in the Recycling Directories of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. If you are providing survey information for more than one facility in Mississippi, you may copy and provide separate survey forms for each facility or you may provide collective data on one survey for all of your facilities which accepted Mississippi recyclables. If you provide one survey for several facilities, please confirm those facilities for which the survey is submitted. For more information on the survey, contact Mark Williams at 601-961-5304.

Please submit this information to the Mississippi Task Force on Recycling by October 16, 2006.

If you choose to complete the survey electronically, please save the survey and submit it by one of the following methods:

By return mail to:
MS Task Force on Recycling
P.O. Box 10385
Jackson, MS 39289-0385

by fax to:

or by emailing the electronic version to:

Mississippi Recycling Industry Survey_Word Version.doc
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