Mississippi’s Nutrient Technical Advisory Group

The Mississippi Nutrient Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is composed of representatives from various state and federal agencies as wells as academic experts who provide expertise in the fields of freshwater and marine aquatic ecology, nutrient biogeochemistry, nutrient management, water quality engineering and modeling, and water quality standards and criteria development.

The mission of the TAG is to provide regional knowledge and technical guidance to MDEQ during the process of developing numeric nutrient criteria. Issues addressed by the TAG include items such as:

    • Helping develop the analytical approach and process;
    • Providing input on the scientific defensibility of proposed methods;
    • Recommending additional methods or analyses;
    • Providing input on available data and recommending additional potential sources;
    • Providing  input of the defensibility of the analyses and/or the conclusions drawn from the analyses; and,
    • Recommending additional analyses, corrections, or modifications to strengthen the scientific defensibility.
The Mississippi Nutrient TAG includes representation from the following: