Metal and Metal Fabricators Branch

The Metal and Metal Fabricators Branch (two-digit SIC Codes 33 through 37) of the Environmental Permits Division (EPD) is a multi-media industrial permitting branch whose primary function is to permit those industries (New and Existing) that are subject to Federal and State Wastewater (NPDES, Pretreatment, Stormwater, etc.) and Air Regulations (PSD, Title V, Synthetic Minor, Construction, etc.) whether the regulations that the facility is subject to are for Categorical Standards (MACT, BACT, Federal Effluent Guidelines, etc.) or a significant industrial contributing pollutant facility (not subject to a Federal Categorical Standard but significant enough to impact the environment).

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Metal and Metal Fabricators Branch.

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P. O. Box 2261
Jackson, MS 39225

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515 East Amite Street
Jackson, MS 39201

PSD Source Categories

Regulated Air Pollutant List

Hazardous Air Pollutant List

Title V Insignificant Activities List

Proposed Effluent Guidelines for MP&M

Water Effluent Guidelines

CAM (Compliance Assurance Monitoring) Guidance

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations:

EPA’s repository for their publications (such as background/technical documents for rules):

EPA’s Envirofacts:
View data available to the public regarding facility permits and compliance history


EPA’s Air Technology Transfer Network:
Major and Area Source MACT information under “ATW” “Rules and Implementation”
AP-42 emission factors under “CHIEF”
Link to RACT/BACT/LAER Clearinghouse under “CATC”
EPA-approved emissions test methods under “EMC”
Modeling guidance and regulations under “SCRAM”

EPA’s Applicability Determination Index:

Useful for finding EPA’s determinations on the applicability of various NSPS and MACT rules

EPA’s Policy and Guidance Database (maintained by Region 7):
Useful for finding NSR/PSD and Title V guidance and white papers

EPA’s NSR website:
Useful for locating recent regulation changes and related guidance documents

EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Permitting Guidance website:


EPA’s NDPES website:

EPA’s DMR Data for NDPES/Pretreatment Permits searchable by facility:

EPA’s Pretreatment Program:

EPA’s Effluent Limitation Guidelines website:

EPA’s Recommended Water Quality Criteria:


MDEQ’s Water Quality Standards:


EPA’s Contaminant Cleanup Website:

EPA’s Regional Screening Levels:

EPA’s RCRA Online:
Searchable database of RCRA guidance and applicability determinations

Notification of Hazardous Waste Form/Part A:
Required for obtaining EPA ID number or making changes to generator information/status