Services and Miscellaneous Industries Branch

The Service Branch of the Environmental Permits Division is responsible for the issuance of all media environmental permits for the SIC Codes listed in the table below. Common facilities in the list are hospitals, automotive related facilities, scrap and salvage facilities, textile and apparel manufacturing facilities, printing and publishing facilities, and dry cleaning facilities. The Branch also permits all cleanup sites covered under the Leaking Underground Storage Tanks program.

Commonly Used Applications

Other Technical Guidance
Baseline Forms Package

UST General Permit

UST Forms Package

UST Recoverage Form

Permit/Coverage Transfer Request Form

Storm Water Baseline General Permit SWPPP Guidance Document

Drinking Water Treatment Plant General Permit

Drinking Water Treatment Plant Forms Package

Contact Information

For more information contact the staff:
Cody Fisher 601.961.5065
Kenny Pilgrim 601.961.5368
Spencer Spane 601.961.5308

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2261

Jackson, MS 39225
Physical Address:
515 E. Amite St
Jackson, MS 39201
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